About tba

The Thane District Boxing Association ( TDBA )is the apex body for the promotion and propagation of sports of Boxing in the Thane District. The Thane District Boxing Association is affiliated with the Maharashtra Boxing Association (MBA), the Maharashtra State governing body for the sport of Boxing.

Our endeavor through this site is to take this Noble art of Self Defence- Boxing nearer to the common people and take any common girl or boy nearer to this Total Safe Sport whose inclusion in the Olympics was since the very first Olympic in 1904.

We welcome all those who want to learn Boxing, teach Boxing, learn Ring Officiating, learn Boxing Administration, do event Management, Start Boxing training in their institute, buy Boxing Equipments, Sell approved Boxing Equipments, host District, State or National Level Boxing Championships, give Scholarships to various levels Boxers, or just want to know about certain areas like rules, safety, medical aspect, anti-doping measures, Sports specific exercises, fitness, Sports specific Diet Consultation etc. in and around Thane Boxing with of course latest updates.


Develop leadership to benchmark in governance for Taluka’s and affiliated clubs. Develop and maintain efficient procedures and policies with sound financial management. Increase participation in Boxing and promote “Boxing for All” to a diverse population through enhanced capabilities of Coaches and their continuous education program to develop high-quality output to regularly challenge standards of high performance and Boxers progression to the next level.

Our Founder committee

Shree Meelan Vaidya


Shree Ranjit Savarkar

Vice  President

Shree Vaibhav Satam

Vice  President

Shree Sagar Pednekar

General Secretary

Shree Jayant Pawar


Shree Pravin Sarkale

Joint Secretary

Shree Nisha Gaikwad

Member & Women Coordinator

Our working committee

Shree Rashmi Bhagat

Director- Technical

Shree Rina Mane


Shree Jitendra Singh

Deputy Treasurer

Shree Vikas Gaikwad

Coaches Co-ordinator

Shree Santosh Munde

R & J Co-ordinator

Shree Suyog Jadhav

Event Co-ordinator