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Being Champion is not an accident, practice hard on the path of excellence and success will follow you to the Victory Stand !!!

Success in Sport of Boxing is an elusive moving Target. Success in Boxing demands focus, balance (in everything), consistency and discipline. It also requires the ability and dedication to continuously overcome obstacles.

That’s why we develop and try to implement uniform training programme across all the clubs keeping Boxers Safety as a core of it. We maintain all AIBA Safety standards in all our clubs and make sure Boxing is a noble art of self defence and remains the same with sheer Sporting Spirit and with lot of enjoyment and family bonds amongst all our Boxers.

One can take Boxing as a main Sport or one can choose it for cross functional training or one can take it for fitness for life as Boxing is worthy of satisfying all these needs. Our Basic Training programme for beginners is about 100 – 120 minutes thrice a week mostly in the evenings on alternate days to be effective with perfect recovery pattern. It starts with cold stretching followed by warm up activities. Main skill training programme will be after mass physical training or may after sport specific physical training which helps enhance endurance, speed, strength, agility and momentum. It’s really fun to undergo this hectic training which makes you physically and psychologically tough.

The human body works majorly on two energy systems, the aerobic and the anaerobic. The aerobic energy system is most evolved when sports of longer duration and lesser intensity are played like long distance run, swimming, cycling or team sports like hockey, football, etc. The anaerobic system is more involved in strength oriented short duration sports like sprints, dash, throws etc. Boxing involves continuous activity for approximately 8 – 9 minutes which puts the sport into aerobic category. At the same time there is high intensity strength principal in the footwork and punches thus it also involves the anaerobic system. Since the upper and lower body is continuously and equally used both are strengthened. The most involved muscles are the calves, thighs, back, shoulder and triceps but working out or developing only these muscles is not enough as they are always supported by their opposing muscles i.e. hamstrings, chest, biceps which have to be equally worked out or developed.

Boxing is not only controlled aggression inside the four ropes but it’s an excellent way of developing Power, Endurance, Concentration, Agility, Nerve, Finer Motor Movements, Flexibility etc. Boxing can be learned from the age of 8 onwards. All normal girls & boys can participate in various Boxing Events. As per Government’s endeavour to promote the sports and Boxing being National Priority Sport, Boxer’s can earn various Sports Quota’s and Bonus Marks in Education and Jobs.

There are many academic and in general tangible and intangible benefits of this Unique Sport Boxing. Boxers score better in inter limb, intra limb and eye hand combination, endurance level, body balance, strength, agility and his or her confidence level is just unmatched. Boxer also improves their concentration span and learns to practice mind over body technique. They improve their body posture to the almost perfection and shakes hand with great warmth and confidence in their eyes. They develop winning attitude, they are always ready to walk an extra mile, they are just power packed human being !

You are Welcome to Join us and be a part of our Thane Boxing Family ! ! !

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